IWPA second edition in Toulouse
01/30 September 2015

Call to photographer for the International Festival “Images d’elles”
A festival dedicated to women photographers.

This international event was brought by the association IWPA (International Women Photographer Association)

IWPA, promote women photographers.

IWPA was established in Malaysia in 2001 by four women photographers from different backgrounds : Chris Tan, Chinese, Nirmala Ka-Rupia, Indian, Soraya Ismail, Malaysia and Severine Blanchet, called Enirèves, French. The union of these women photographers initiated exhibitions in Malaysia and China. Since its restructuring in 2011, the association is based in Haute-Garonne, home to its president Severine Blanchet. She managed to unite several photographers in the region to organize the festival, which has received more than 90 application files from around the world.

Pour la 2ème EDITION 2015 :

The event will honor godmother photographer GERMAINE CHAUMEL, one of the great photographers of the twentieth century. It will be represented by Pilar Martinez, her granddaughter.

The jury expects each candidate a coherent series of 15 to 20 photos, with a CV and a blurb for his work.
The images will be digital high definition, color or black and white.
Or silver images digitized in high definition, color or black and white. No signatures, watermarks or other copyrights affixed photographs.
IWPA supports the prints, which will be carried out in a professional lab.
Your photographic choices are not restricted to women, but also go towards men or children.

Two themes :
– Free theme
– Seduction

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Call the Festival “Images d’elles” 2015


Calling Author Festival “Images d’elles” Toulouse 2015 is organized by the Association IWPA registered under number 79068466600015 identification, whose registered office is at 12 , avenue de Savoie, 31000 Toulouse .
This Regulation sets out the rules for this contest.


The contest key dates are as follows (date and hour of authentic French Connection) : From 01 September 2014 to 15 March 2015 12 .

1 / Deposits works : Any entries submitted after this date and this time will not be taken into account by the organizers.

2 / Date of results except in cases of force majeure , the jury will give results between 15 and 20 March 2015 .

3 / Date of publication of the results of the jury. Except in cases of force majeure , the publication of results on the site will April 15, 2015.


The call for proposals is open to anyone women residing in metropolitan France and overseas , hereinafter referred to as ” participating “. For minors , parental approval is required.
Each participant may compete with several files in the themes of their choice.
Are excluded from participation in the Contest members IWPA association, as well as their family members .
Participants guarantee that the proposed works are works of which they are the author, original, unpublished (prohibition to reproduce an existing work ) and are only holding operating rights to these works. As such , participants make it their business authorizations of all parties who have directly or indirectly participated in its implementation and / or who believe having any right to argue for it and assume the responsibility of all potential payments thereunder. A proof can be requested.
Participants cede to the organizers exclusivity of their exploitation rights to the works during the contest period and until the end of the festival “Images d’elles” in 2015 only for the promotion of the exhibition.
In general , participants guarantee the organizers of this competition against all claims , actions or complaints that could form, in any capacity, any third party in connection with the exercise of the rights granted herein and generally under all the guarantees and commitments under this Agreement.
IWPA reserves the right to conduct any audit for the purposes of this section .
In any event, by registering with the author call the participant agrees that the content of his work complies with all current legislation and in particular:

– Respect public order and is not contrary to morality .
– Respect the intellectual property rights of third parties.
– Do not affect the reputation, privacy and the third image.
– Does not contain disparaging or defamatory .
– Presents no pédophile.Ne character not hit the sensitivity of minors.
– Not considered pornographic .
– Do not affect the safety or integrity of a state or territory .
– Do not incite discrimination whether based on sex, religion, nationality , disability , sexual orientation , age or political opinion.
– Do not incite crime , hatred , violence , suicide and racism.
– Do not incite to commit a crime , a crime or an act of terrorism.

* This list is not exhaustive.

Any false declaration of a participant lead to his exclusion from the festival without the responsibility of the Association IWPA can be engaged .


Participation in this author call is free. If the application is accepted for membership of € 20 will be made
Each candidate must send his series via WeTransfer account of the festival at: .

– 15-20 photographs
– Minimum size images : 18 cm x 24 cm at 300 dpi
– 1 blurb photographic project + a mini biography + full contact
– Title of mandatory mail: CALL AUTHOR / FESTIVAL «IMAGES D’ELLES» / IWPA Toulouse 2015.

If filing problem works address your mail projects
Inaccurate or incomplete entry will be rejected, without the responsibility of IWPA can be engaged.

Designation of a winner. It will be designated by the team of IWPA a photography may be used for the poster of the 3rd edition .


The organizing companies guarantee the participant fairness, good faith and loyalty of the members of the jury .
Accordance with custom, the jury may reject any picture if it considers that it is not artistically adequate.
The jury is organized as it sees as part of its work, will rule supreme, no appeal against its decisions can not be accepted.

The jury’s decision will be established mainly on the following criteria:

– The consistency of the approach to the themes – The relevance of the photo to the subject
– The quality of photos: framing, originality, treatment of light, aesthetics …
“winner” will be informed by e-mail IWPA .

Participants cede to the organizers exclusivity of their exploitation rights on the works until the end of the international festival “Images d’elles” in 2015 to promote the exhibition. No other use can not be made ​​with their photos.


The list of selected records and the identity of the “winner” will be published on the site


In case of force majeure IWPA reserves the right to amend this regulation, to postpone or cancel the competition. Its responsibility could not be committed because of these changes.


Readers are reminded that the Internet is not a secure network. IWPA therefore can not be held responsible for contamination by viruses or intrusion of a third party in the system terminal of participants in the contest and accepts no responsibility for the consequences of the connection of network participants via the website
IWPA disclaims all liability for failure of their Internet, in particular due to external malicious acts , which prevent the smooth running of the call for projects. Specifically, IWPA can not be held responsible for any damage caused to participants , their computer equipment and the data stored there , as well as possible implications on their personal or professional activity. In addition , their liability shall in no event be retained in case of delivery problems or email loss.
IWPA also can not be held responsible in the event that one or more participants are unable to connect to site or to participate due to any problems or technical fault linked in particular to the network congestion. In addition, the responsibility of the IWPA Association shall in no case be retained in case of technical problems related to various platforms .
IWPA reserves the right , at any time , including for technical reasons , updating and maintenance, suspend access to site.
Finally, IWPA association accepts no liability for incidents that may occur during use.


Participating in this competition implies full acceptance of these rules in their entirety , including, as and when they occur, any amendments and addenda. All the practical difficulties of interpretation or application of this Regulation shall be decided sovereignly by the Organizer.


This Contest is subject to French law.